Seen in Savannah: Saturn Astra

This quarter––SCAD does class blocks in 10 week quarters rather than semesters––I’ve taken to walking to my 8 o’clock a.m. class. It’s probably about a mile or mile and a half, but at 7 in the morning it’s still fairly cool, even if it’s possible to feel the humidity sticking to my skin at that … Continue reading

Mazda asks, “What do you drive?”

The first time I saw this ad I was watching an episode of “Modern Family” on Hulu. Normally all the Hulu ads I get are aimed at families who want to run to Disney land or people who need fifteen different shades and tints of lipstick, and I end up opening another tab to check … Continue reading

Seen in Savannah: the Ural Patrol

Cars aren’t the only motorized piece of transportation that hold my interest. Motorcycles get me going as well. But, and unsurprisingly given my penchant for classic cars, I prefer motorcycles that are are more, shall we say, traditional. Crotch rockets are great for blasting down the road in a millisecond or two, but I find … Continue reading

The Continental Mark II

This is one of my favorite cars. It’s timeless, elegant, and proof of what the Ford Motor Company can do when it sets out to build the best automobile on the market. Most photos show it in the classic black. But when I ran across this one on, of all places, I was smitten … Continue reading