Retooling and rebuilding

This blog isn’t dead, even though I’m sure it looks that way. I’ve just had a problem maintaining my interest in cars enough to constantly blog about them. There are thousands of car blogs out there, maybe even tens of thousands, so what can I add to the conversation? Not much, I concluded. 

My real passion is writing, narrative, and how we tell stories. I’m going to start blogging about those topics and any media involved: movies, books, video games. They’re what interest me. So they ought to be what I’m writing about.

This site will be a mixture of reviews and analysis. I’ll either review something or pull it apart and figure out why it worked so well or why it failed. I had a professor that once said teaching kept him honest about his own writing. After talking to us in class he’d go home and look at his work to see if he was following through with his own instructions. I believe that reviewing and analyzing other works will do the same for me.

I’ll keep the car content on the site, but I doubt I’ll be adding to it anytime soon.

But before anything else happens, it’s time to get re-familiarized with WordPress. It’s been a long time. Too long.


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